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"Shards of Levitaria" is a First Person Tower-Defense-like RPG featuring Virtual Reality in combination with the leap motion controller.

It is thus played without keyboard or mouse, enabling the player to use his hands in a natural way, as far as throwing around fireballs can be considered "natural".

You're acting as the mightiest combat mage in the universe. You have defeated countless enemies, freed, conquered and destroyed whole planets. There is no living thing that can oppose you. Luckily for you, some creatures have decided that it is time to end your existence. Which is, of course, impossible, but at least you finally get something to do.

In fact, the little pests are invading your laboratory, building a magical golem which could actually pose a threat to you if they were to succeed.

So here you are, monsters and beasts flooding into your sacred home base, trying to create something stronger than you. Since attack is the best defense, we suggest you begin fighting them at their planet. To be more precisely, the measely rest of stone and dirt which you have not destroyed yet.


Take a look at our youtube-video ( I mean this one ) to see how the game is played.

This is the first milestone of a student's project, so consider this as a very early alpha version. A lot more will come within the next months: more Gameplay logic, story, HUD... and a completely different approach to tracking!

*NOTE: this description is completely outdated and will get an update soon. the current version of the game is more advanced, gameplay has changed....


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